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Meet our team


Steve has helped the Fourplex Investment Group develop, build, and sell over 4,000 doors across the Mountain West and Texas regions. His efforts have been instrumental in moving the company into new markets and have allowed him to carry those experiences into new ventures. Steve is now developing a for rent townhouse project in Indiana and is benefiting from a property tax credit program there. He is also the general partner on ground up rental projects in three different states for a group of international investors seeking to place capital into the USA. He received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Real Estate from Georgetown University. He lives in Alpine, UT with his wife and four kids and loves to travel.


Paul Lam is an international businessman and entrepreneur, founding and serving as the Chairman of the Board of many successful niche tourism and special events companies for over four decades. He has also invested in and maintains real estate holdings (commercial and residential) in Hawaii, and the western and midwestern U.S. His company Lam Capital LLC is involved in actively developing four Bill 7 projects in the Honolulu area totaling approximately 200 units, which makes Paul one of Honolulu’s largest Bill 7 developers. Paul is passionate about providing much-needed affordable housing for his community and is increasing the scale of development through Lam-Olson Development LLC.